Enjoy the unique experience of making your own wine.  Crush with us. 

Make Your Own

If you like wine and are looking for a  unique experience, join the SoConn WineCoOp, Connecticut’s first wine cooperative.


As a member of this very social group of wine lovers, you’ll enjoy hands-on wine education, make your own wine, name it and put your personal label on your bottles. You’ll also get early notice about new releases,  exclusive VIP invitations to winery events, and special pricing if you want to rent the winery for a special event.


Joining is easy. Each share costs $540 and in exchange, you’ll get 3 cases of wine plus the one-of-a-kind experience of making your own wine and a few other perks.You can buy as many shares as you want, or split them with someone that you enjoy drinking wine with.


The SoConn WineCo currently has spots available for Spring 2019 CoOp.



The grapes are harvested in California and Washington state in September and in Chile, Argentina, South Africa in the Spring and prepped to send to us. #weloveourgrowers


Our grapes travel to SoConn WineCo.


Once the grapes begin to arrive in Wallingford, we crush them with our machinery -- no bare feet required! CoOp members can join us to crush grapes for one day or for a few weekends in a row during wine making season. Crushing begins the fermentation process that converts the natural sugar from the grapes get into alcohol with yeast. As fermentation continues, we marry art and science to create the taste of the wine.


2-3 weeks after crush, CoOp members will run it through the wine press. Once the wine is pressed, it’s pumped into our oak barrels or stainless steel tanks to age. During this time, we keep an eye on the wine, top it off and rack it to separate out sediment.


Taste the wine we’re making together for the 1st time.


Now that the wine is months into its aging process, it’s time to taste test it. This VIP tasting is open to SoCon Wine CoOp members only and is the day that you’ll name your wine and choose your personalized label for your bottles.


This is the day that you’ve been waiting for since you crushed your first grape. Come bottle your wine, cork it and take it home! Note: If you can’t make bottling day, we’ll make arrangements to hold your wine for you for 30 days. After that, we’ll drink it. Seriously. We’ll drink it.

We’re in this together. So, as we go through the winemaking process together we’ll keep you in the loop about what’s going on by email and on Facebook. Expect harvest updates, meeting and event news, progress notes and special invitations.

“This was an amazing learning experience. Not only do I now know how much careful work goes into making wine, I’ve made so many friends!”