We’re wine makers.  Artisanal in nature and big on taste, we handcraft and blend wines in small batches with grapes from all over the world.


Southern Connecticut Wine Co offers a welcoming and relaxing environment where you can enjoy great wine and great company. We offer wines by the glass, bottle and flight for you to explore everything that we’re pouring and discover what blends you like best.


Located in Killingworth, CT, We’re the only woman-owned microwinery in the state.

Meet Our Wine Tribe


Ringmaster, Vintner, Proprietor

First taste of wine: I was about 4 years old and sitting at my grandmother’s dining room table at a holiday celebration. It was watered down wine. 

Favorite wine: Dark, inky red blends

Favorite thing to pair wine with:  A crisp Fall afternoon on the patio of the winery with friends

Why a winery in Connectiut? I love wine and I love being around people and teaching people about wine.

Fun Fact: Christina Musto and Amanda co-founded the Professional Women Winemakers of Connecticut in 2014. #girlpower

Why a winery in Connecticut? I love wine and I love being around people and teaching people about wine.

As a Connecticut native who grew up on the Monterey Peninsula of Northern California – which is Pinot Noir country – I was exposed to the wine industry at a very young age. My mom loved her wine, so I spent a lot of time running around tasting rooms, and overhearing conversation about wine from her and her wine club friends.  

When my husband and I decided we wanted to start a family, we came back here to be closer to more family,. Opening the winery here gave me a chance to pair three things that I love – wine, family and my family of friends.

How did you learn about wine: I’m an alchemist – I love taking a raw material and manipulating it into something that’s unique. I’ve always been into wine, so I started making wine as a hobby. My degree is in International Business Management from Cal State, but my interest in wine led me to learning about Wine Chemistry at Washington State University and getting my Wine Making Certificate from University of California Davis, I’ve also had a lot of baptism by fire from my first position as a winemaker and learn something new every day.


The Professor

Bob came to the winery on a Wednesday in 2014… He never left.

Favorite wine: Anything rated over 99 points… Or in my hand.

Favorite thing to pair with wine: Candle light.

Favorite book: Like Water for Chocolate.

Favorite non-wine activity: Drinking Bourbon.

Favorite food: Risotto in a parmesan rind.

Favorite hangover cure: A very spicy Ceviche.


Off-Thursday Social Director

In real life Kathy is a lead occupational therapist for the Meriden Board of Education. If her name sounds familiar, it’s because she was recently honored by Edutopia for building a sensory room that helps students with autism calm down so that they can get back to the business of learning. Kathy keeps the winery thriving and helps to keep us all grounded. 

First taste of wine: At my grandmother’s table, at about eight or nine years old.
Favorite SoConn wine: College Fund or Dark and Dirty
Favorite thing to pair with wine: Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate.
Hangover cure: More wine!


Resident Geek

I fix Amanda’s broken things and pour wine at SoConn. In real life, I specialize in everything technology and have my own IT company. In my spare time, I’m a singer-songwriter.

First taste of wine: Maybe when I was 12 at my First Communion

Favorite wine: Dark & Dirty!!!!

Favorite thing to pair with wine: Beer

Favorite hangover cure: I have lots of hangover folk wisdom… lots of water, eggs, avocados, hair of the dog… but really your best bet requires a prescription and ibuprofen.



JP, is Amanda’s son and has been spending time at the winery since he was six days old. Our next generation winemaker has never tasted a sip of wine, but is expert at directing adults about how to make wine.

Favorite drink: Apple juice.

Favorite thing to say: Oh, let me tell you the plan.

Favorite thing to do: Crush grapes and order adults around.


The Wine Dog

Harry, a staple at the winery, is an Australian Shepard Burmese Mountain Dog mix. His job is to laze. He follows Amanda everywhere, greets customers and naps a lot.

Favorite drink: Lots of water.

Favorite thing to pair with wine: Pizza crust. Keep an eye out, Harry prays that someone will  drop a crust every time someone brings a pizza into the winery.


The Wine Dog

Nash is our newest wine dog. He’s an Australian Shepard Hound mix, and was adopted from Great Dog Rescue New England. Nash follows Harry everywhere, greets customers and naps a lot. He’s still a puppy, so we’ll share more about Nash once we figure him out.

Favorite thing to pair with wine: Anything he can fit in his mouth.